Gabrielle SenzaThere are so many people who have been instrumental in helping launch Walk Unafraid Worldwide. While we are still raising funds for production costs, I want to take the time to thank many of the people who have helped move the project along:
Tom Lagasse, Wendy Frasier, Abbie von Schlegell, Nicole Garzino, Barbara Bonner, Nan Wile, Smitty Pignatelli, Barbara Newman, Skip Drumm, Sue Kelly, Captain Mike Wynn, Karen Cellini, Joe Corcoran, Delano Burroughs, Jessica Coville, Keith Emerling, Amber Chand, Kurt Kolok, Nancy Thomas, Halle Hayman, Art Ames, Senator Ben Downing, Lucy Pavalock, Geoff Nader, Nancy Kalodner, Kris Anderson, Keith Girouard, Meryl Joseph, Eugenie Sills, Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, John Whalen, Kevin O’Donnell, Geoff Nader, John Toole, Marc Zegans, Eric Edelman, Barbara Fields, Elfie Six, Harryet Candee, Julie McCarthy, Karen Arp-Sandel, Ed Abrahams, Gabrielle Meyerowitz and our wonderful new interns Leeron, Sabina and Lauren!
Thank you, everyone!


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