We Believe You

We Believe You, Facebook, Community, Child Sexual Assault, Gabrielle Senza, artist-activist


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people here in the Berkshires who were shocked and outraged that the jury acquitted former school counselor, Scott Muir on all 19 counts of child sexual abuse on January 28th – even after five young women came forward to testify about their experiences with him when they were but little girls, reopening a case that was first investigated ten years ago.

Red Collaborative founder, Gabrielle Senza states, “I can not imagine how devastating the news must have been for the girls who testified and their families.  How could the jury come up with not guilty verdicts on all 19 charges?! What kind of message is that sending not just to the young women who testified, but to all survivors of child sexual abuse by people in power right here in our community?  I didn’t know anyone related to the case, but I wanted to let them know there were LOTS of people in the community who believed them.”

On February 2, she created a Facebook Community Page called We Believe You with the hopes that the young women who testified would find it.  It wasn’t long before they found the Facebook page that today has over 800 Likes.

Senza continues, “Within a week, I heard from several of the families involved in the Scott Muir case who expressed gratitude and relief for the community support.  I am so glad they know that they are not alone.”


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