The Collaborative Scroll

The Collaborative Scroll, 2001 – present. Dimensions variable.

The Collaborative Scroll is a growing document; a witness to memories gathered in city after city, of truths too horrible to speak of, and of secrets held for decades.

Quietly, solemnly, anonymously, the Scroll holds vigil to the children, teens and adults whose lives have been derailed by the violent acts of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, often at the hands of the very people they were conditioned to love and trust unconditionally.

As the Collaborative Scroll travels from place to place, messages of pain, betrayal, and violation are shared… as well as words of hope, healing, wisdom and salvation.

It is a community of sisters and brothers united by the violation of individual vulnerability, a repository for shame, and the opportunity to move from isolation to community.

A transcript of all the entries is available on the Online Collaborative Revelations Scroll.

You are invited to add your voice to the project by connecting with us through the Contact page.


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