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The blatant disregard for basic human rights by individuals and private interest groups is certainly nothing new. However, the costs seem to be rising, citizens around the world are suffering and our leaders seem to be asleep at the wheel.

Through installations, graphic works, artist books and painting, Walk Unafraid founder, Gabrielle Senza, has devoted much of her career to raising awareness about environmental and corporate abuse as well as breaking the silence around domestic violence, sexual assault, incest and bullying.

Her Walk Unafraid public art installations, resembling crime scenes, are collaborative projects in which she engages members of a given community to take part in the actual creation of the work. Participants share their personal and collective experiences through the Walk Unafraid installation. These collaborations have brought together students, battered women, homeless teens, therapists, law enforcement, city government officials, artists, activists, and members of the general public who engage in the performance installation when they happen upon it.

By partnering with organizations such as V-Day, United Way, and a number of social service organizations, we have had the opportunity to present several audience-participatory healing projects involving hundreds of collaborators.  The Walk Unafraid installations also serve as effective educational tools for helping individuals to recognize and prevent physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Giving voice to the voiceless – the survivors of violence, their families, and those who’s voices have been silenced forever – has had a cathartic and healing effect for both participants and the larger community.

It is a privilege for which we are immensely grateful, to facilitate healing, empowerment and awareness in communities around the world.

Walk Unafraid
January   |   2010  |   Berkshires