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  1. Marin Dearie says:

    Hello! I am extremely interested in participating in the installation being done in New Orleans. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help.

  2. Hey hey! I would love to get more involved! I was the New Orleans conference and would love to be active in this artistic empowering organization.

    1. Hey there!
      The WALK UNAFRAID KITS are finally available.
      Check out the website for more information.
      They’re perfect for:
      February – V-Day/Until the Violence Stops Events
      April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month
      April – Child Abuse Prevention Month
      October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month
      and so much more!
      WALK UNAFRAID is a great way for community groups to bring awareness to the tough social issues of today — dating violence, bullying, elder abuse — even corporate and environmental abuse.
      Feel free to be in touch with any questions!
      All best,

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